A bit meaning in hindi | A bit ka matlab 

a bit meaning in hindi

As noun : थोड़ी देर Ex: "running an ultra-secure operating system can be a bit of work".
As adverb : अभूरि Ex: she look a bit peaky. इततक Ex: Its a bit nippy today.Take care. किंचिन् Ex: The accident crocked me up a bit . छुच्छ Ex: The bicycles are a bit heavy थोड़ा Ex: Then Yeager told him to try again, this time a bit slower. थोरी, थोरौ Ex: Being nothing more than a bit of RNA or DNA in a protein capsule थोल Ex: She had no more relation to peers than Dryden, and possibly quite a bit less. मनाक Ex: He attended a world a bit confused मुख्तसर Ex: His views are a bit wide मुष्टिमेय Ex: Hyperbole is a bit strong रंच Ex: It is also male name and means a bit of horse chestnut रंचक Ex: It takes this horse a bit softer, stronger, tougher सफीफ Ex: Marine bilge Species of jetty, the shore, juts a bit into the sea, and which are also called Landing, because it serves as the landing boarding सुलिप Ex: Relax a bit while you are here सोदधित्व Ex: She says she twenty-nine years, I think she is a bit younger स्तोकक Ex: Tapered Column, column which was a bit swollen to third of its height; Finger streamlined, very thin finger at its end हृस्व Ex: The painter was a bit flattered
A bit ki paribhasha : jo maatra ya parimaan men adhik na ho

any, rather, some

A bit synonyms
all several either each whatever a little each and every in general part of fairly pretty kind of comparatively quite somewhat slightly relatively enough more or less reasonably so-so something sort of averagely in a certain degree passably ratherish to some degree to some extent tolerably a few
A bit antonyms
extremely little violently insignificantly 
Usage of A bit in sentences

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