Abominable meaning in hindi | Abominable ka matlab 

Abominable meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Abominable 
Usage of Abominable: 1: I hate her abominable behaviour. 2: abominable Crime 3: From such writings are abominable 4: Hateful, horrible, abominable sacrilege 5: It is abominable weather 6: It is an abominable slander 7: This comedy, this music is abominable 8: A abominable smell 9: It still means abominable action
Abominable ki paribhasha : .... shatrutaapoorn jise dekhakar ya sunakar ghrana paida ho logon ko kasht ya pid pahuanchaanevaala kaavy ke nau rason ke antargat saatavaaan ras jisaki banaavat men ang pratyng ki saapekshik chhotaayi badai ka dhyaan na rakha gaya ho

Abominable synonyms
abhorrent wretched terrible atrocious horrid vile reprehensible disgusting odious heinous repugnant despicable repulsive horrible revolting contemptible bad base beastly cursed foul grim gross hairy hateful hellish loathsome lousy nauseating obnoxious offensive repellent rotten sleazy stinking grody
Abominable antonyms
wonderful kind attractive desirous pleasant pleasing delightful honorable worthy alluring appealing enjoyable lovable good nice great respectable likeable desirable sweet loveable 
Usage of Abominable in sentences

The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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