Absent minded meaning in hindi | Absent minded ka matlab 

Absent minded meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Absent minded 
Absent minded ki paribhasha : bimaar

Absent minded synonyms
absorbed daydreaming distracted dreamy engrossed faraway heedless inattentive lost oblivious remote removed scatterbrained surroundings unconscious unheeding unmindful unobservant unthinking withdrawn bemused distrait moony airheaded goofing off head in the clouds inconscient mooning out to lunch pipe dreaming space cadet spacey unaware of events woolgathering lost in thought out in space indifferent indiscreet inaccurate wasteful hasty irresponsible lackadaisical negligent nonchalant thoughtless lax sloppy casual reckless cursory improvident imprudent inadvertent incautious inconsiderate indolent injudicious loose mindless offhand perfunctory regardless remiss slipshod unconcerned unguarded disregardful napping pococurante uncircumspect unreflective neglectful slack unwitting amnemonic amnesic asleep on the job like an absent-minded professor looking out window nirvanic not on the job out of it obsessed fascinated engaged immersed spellbound deep hung up intent bugged have on the brain spread out taken up wrapped-up ecstatic delighted rapturous bewitched blissful busy charmed employed enamored happy held hypnotized involved overwhelmed transported enthralled beguiled captivated carried away caught up in enraptured entranced gripped ravished wrapped up
Absent minded antonyms
alert aware attentive careful mindful cautious painstaking prudent guarded kind scrupulous caring responsible accurate concerned ready thoughtful remembering recalling retentive indifferent bored disinterested uninterested existing observant disenthralled unoccupied sorrowful disenchanted troubled unhappy repulsed turned off 
Usage of Absent minded in sentences

The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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