Accomplishment meaning in hindi | Accomplishment ka matlab 

Accomplishment meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Accomplishment 
Usage of Accomplishment: 1: Self sufficiency in food production is a great accomplishment for India. 2: We must work hard for the accomplishment of our objectives. 3: While this work is a huge accomplishment for science 4: It was an accomplishment like no other in the history of US railroading 5: 1969, Woodruff was knighted by the Queen, a rare accomplishment for a surgeon. 6: King Talal's major accomplishment was the Jordanian constitution. 7: March viewed the latter novel as a meager accomplishment 8: 1919. Such a rapid accomplishment garnered attention from many. 9: Although an accomplishment
Accomplishment ki paribhasha : animaadi aath prakaar ke aishvaryon men se ek jisase vaanchhit padaarth milata hai athava sab ichchhaaean poorn ho jaati hain ek pratyay jo snkhyaavaachak shabdon ke aage lagata hai aur utani hi baar kisi vishesh snkhyaa, maatra ya parimaan ko soochit karata hai tap ya yog ke poore hone ki alaukik shakti ya snpannata hath yog ke anusaar naad ki chaar prakaar ki avasthaaun men se aantim avastha taatparyabodh ke liye vaaky ke tin gunon men se ek

Accomplishment synonyms
talent ability effort capability exploit triumph performance skill feat deed achievement completion coup finish art consummation realization proficiency attainment stroke production fulfillment act execution conclusion bringing about carrying out effecting
Accomplishment antonyms
inability incapacity weakness ignorance incompetence idleness forfeit commencement introduction loss frustration nullification impotence failure beginning start unfulfillment defeat 
Usage of Accomplishment in sentences

The word is used as noun in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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