Act out meaning in hindi | Act out ka matlab 

Act out meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Act out 
Usage of Act out: 1: They allow children to act out battles 2: Popular Tuscan dances ritually act out the hunting of the hare
Act out ki paribhasha : kisi kaam ko chalaana

Act out synonyms
carry on rebel raise hell sow one's wild oats flag indicate mime wave pantomime use sign language use one's hands portray imitate mimic represent play ditto do fake mirror enact ape put on an act pose as masquerade as act like playact act a part assume character do an impression of double as dress as make like pass oneself off as play a role take the part of give show offer execute produce go on display stage exhibit ham render dramatize emote discourse ham it up tread the boards appear as be on bring down the house do a number do a turn exemplify incarnate manifest typify epitomize embody symbolize illustrate materialize copy exteriorize substantiate image express externalize humanize objectify contain body forth emblematize hominify live as make human personize fool around horseplay show off be bad be out of line behave badly make trouble set a bad example motion give the high sign
Act out antonyms
speak prevent direct fail idle halt stop differ oppose reverse be original conceal refrain withhold hide deny refuse take abandon obscure behave 
Usage of Act out in sentences

The word is used as verb in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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