Adapt meaning in hindi | Adapt ka matlab 

Adapt meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Adapt 
Usage of Adapt: 1: We must adapt to the norms of the society we live in. 2: Burnside will have to adapt to deal with an ageing population 3: Performers often adapt their appearance 4: In his late 30s, he went to Hollywood to adapt his first novel into a film. 5: It can therefore adapt the requested page to the stored user preferences. 6: This forced tree-dwelling animals to adapt to their new environment or die out. 7: Insects can also adapt their gait to cope with the loss of one or more limbs. 8: Performers often adapt their appearance 9: Despite the fact that humanities will have to adapt rapidly to these changes 10: They adapt easily to almost any environment but resist domestication.
Adapt ki paribhasha : jaisa raha ho usase bhinn ho jaana

Adapt synonyms
accustom fit prepare conform acclimate modify accommodate shape tailor comply readjust suit alter revise familiarize square reconcile make habituate qualify fashion change harmonize remodel match get used to come around get act together grow used to play the game roll with punches shape up
Adapt antonyms
refuse reject disarrange dislocate disorder neglect disagree disturb unfit 
Usage of Adapt in sentences

The word is used as verb in english grammar. The word can be used as noun, verb or transitive verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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