Addition meaning in hindi | Addition ka matlab 

Addition meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Addition 
Usage of Addition: 1: The houses have been improved by the addition of windows. 2: The Tatas started industries in addition to the opening of laboratories. 3: By addition of proper fertilisers, one can improve upon the fecundity of the soil. 4: In addition to the Anglican and Pentecostal traditions 5: In addition large art galleries are found across the city 6: In addition to Hopkins 7: In addition to various cabinet appointments 8: In addition to practicing law, he also served as a politician. 9: In addition to President Roosevelt 10: In addition to this record, she only lost three sets after Wimbledon.
Addition ki paribhasha : kisi pustak ya lekh ka vah bhaag jisamen ve baaten di gai ho jo kisi kaaran yathaasthaan nahin ja saki hon aur jinake pustak men na aane se vah apoorn rah jaati ho ganit men kai snkhyaaon ka yogaphal vah jisake snyog se koi vastu or ki aur athava kisi vishesh roop men dikhaayi de do ya adhik vastuon ko jodne ki kriya ya bhaav badhane ya adhik hone ki kriya ya bhaav do athava adhik padaarthon ka ek men milana anek grnthon se achchhe achchhe vishay chunane ki kriya

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The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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