Affirm meaning in hindi | Affirm ka matlab 

Affirm meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Affirm 
Usage of Affirm: 1: So not only would one side affirm that Jesus was indeed God 2: Trinitarians affirm that God is a simple, not an aggregate, being. 3: The Mormons also affirm religious freedom. 4: The Bahá'í Faith affirm that "the soul is a sign of God 5: Character philosophical doctrines that affirm certain principles, certain truths versus Skepticism 6: Defer the oath to someone, ask Him to affirm by oath what it claims to be true 7: I will answer says more familiarly to affirm one thing 8: It means, in ordinary language, index, proof that serves to affirm or denying a fact
Affirm ki paribhasha : mngalaa, vijaya aadi aath prakaar ki chaarapaaiyon men se ek

Affirm synonyms
repeat confirm ratify insist assert maintain profess guarantee attest predicate avow set avouch certify pronounce ice testify state swear asseverate cinch aver clinch okay witness nail down cross heart have a lock on lock up put on ice rubber-stamp say so swear on bible swear up and down
Affirm antonyms
veto deny renounce repudiate disavow reject refute negate nullify forget 
Usage of Affirm in sentences

The word is used as verb in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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