Agitation meaning in hindi | Agitation ka matlab 

Agitation meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Agitation 
Usage of Agitation: 1: The students agitation is for better infrastructural facilities. 2: The agitation did not fade away without further achievements 3: Amidst rising popular agitation 4: It was during this agitation 5: The preceding three years of agitation for the miners' demands 6: Temple entry agitation and other movements including that of Narayana Guru 7: Since even accidental agitation can turn cream into butter 8: For several years there has been agitation for full statehood. 9: Changes in routine or environment can trigger or exacerbate agitation 10: agitation
Agitation ki paribhasha : logon ke bich phaili hui adhirataa, ghabaraahata, daud dhoopa, shoragul aadi ghoomane phirane ya ghumaane phiraane ki kriya ya bhaav vegon ko tivr karane ki kriya parichit aur anurakt karana uthal puthal karanevaala saamoohik prayatn

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The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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