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All in meaning in hindi

How to pronounce All in 
Usage of All in: 1: The play was so funny that audience were all in convulsions. 2: They gave their all in the war. 3: We were all in a twitter over the upcoming event . 4: Buildings entirely designed by Palladio are all in Venice and the Veneto. 5: U.S. Route 218 is almost all in the state of Iowa. 6: John Gay, Thomson, Ambrose Philips, and Edward Young were all in their prime. 7: Earth, and Moon are all in a straight line. 8: 1882. Though the first councils were all in that state 9: These counties are all in the Central Time Zone along with Chicago. 10: Too Much, who were all in a band called "The Mysteries Five" .

All in synonyms
vacant weakened reduced used sold worn bare wasted bleary destitute effete kaput worn out sapped emptied depreciated lessened decreased collapsed devoid of far-gone in want out of pooped out short of sold out sucked out used up washed out without resources executed down ended set wrought perfected complete completed wired rendered realized fulfilled fixed over through concluded compassed performed effected terminated succeeded consummated a wrap all over brought about brought to pass buttoned up bushed dead washed-out worn-out fagged on last leg ready to drop beat dragging hacked burned out dead tired wiped-out disabled debilitated limp crippled shot enervated done for run-down frazzled prostrated bone-weary dog-tired had it outta gas out on one's feet listless jaded bedraggled blasã© droopy languid zonked languorous overtired dropping dead-beat dead-tired dog-weary fagged out lassitudinous out of gas played out finished lost blown dissipated down the drain washed-up shattered consumed expended disbursed burnt-out done-in played-out thrown away distressed sleepy overworked stale bored annoyed irritated faint drooping flagging empty asleep broken-down drowsy fed up haggard tuckered out exasperated irked overtaxed collapsing narcoleptic petered out sick of dead on one's feet disgusted impatient wearing discontented indifferent punchy bone-tired knocked out sick and tired wiped out rundown worn-down
All in antonyms
enlarged increased full energized augmented unconsumed unused lively indefinite incomplete unfinished unperfected vetoed saved unfixed unfulfilled undone rare raw denied rested animated energetic vigorous restored able active firm strong invigorated fresh plenty refreshed alert vivacious untired keen existing living alive existent activated straight hoarded retained fired up content pleased satisfied happy healthy 
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The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. 
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