Alms meaning in hindi | Alms ka matlab 

Alms meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Alms 
Usage of Alms: 1: He gives alms to the poor. 2: He unsparingly gives alms to the poor. 3: We have to give alms to the poor munificensely. 4: alms 5: also means begging, absolutely, Ask and collect alms 6: Ask his bread, his life, and, absolutely, Ask, Ask the alms 7: Consider that the poor who ask for alms is your next and your brother 8: dervishes Species or religious Mohammedan who runs the country living on alms 9: It is also a familiar phrase to beggars, who ask that they do alms for the love of God 10: It is also said of him that, in the Protestant worship, is responsible for collecting and to distribute alms
Alms ki paribhasha : dinata dikhalaate hue apane udaranirvaah ke liye dhoom dhoomakar anna, dhan aadi maaangane ka kaam kisi daridr ka dinata dikhaate hue udarapoorti ke liye kuchh maaangana lenevaale se badale men kuchh na chaahakar ya lekar udaarataavash dene ka kaary

Alms synonyms
offering assistance dole donation aid contribution benefaction charity
Alms antonyms
hindrance injury 
Usage of Alms in sentences

The word is used as noun in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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