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Also meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Also 
Other : एव
Usage of Also: 1: the industrial revolution was also a cultural revolution 2: Christmas is also known as the mistletoe season. 3: The chairman of our company is also an almoner. 4: Asians are also called the Orientals. 5: Camel is also known as the ship of the desert. 6: Leander Paess Indian compatriot Mahesh Bhupati is also a good singles player. 7: computer scanner is also known as flatbed . 8: A movie is also made on the jurrasic period. 9: Nowadays coolies have also made their union. 10: Nutmeg has also beed added to give flavour.
Also ki paribhasha : do shabdon ya vaakyon ko jodnevaala shabd

Also synonyms
again likewise too further still more besides additionally along and furthermore including moreover plus along with as well as well as conjointly in conjunction with in like manner more than that on top of over and above to boot together with withal 
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The word is used as adverb in english grammar. The word can be used as noun, verb or adverb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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