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Altitude meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Altitude 
As noun : अड़ाव Ex:  the altitude gave her a headache उचाई Ex:  Santo Domingo is relatively low in altitude with several high hills. उ:   इसकी समुद्र तल से २४८ मीटर की उचाई पर है। उच्च पदवी Ex:  Due to Madrid's high altitude and dry climate उच्छ्रय उच्छ्राय Ex:  The town is relatively flat, and situated at an altitude of . ऊँचाई Ex:  The highest point is the Sonsogor, with an altitude of 1,167 meters . उ:   इसकी ऊँचाई सागर सतह से ५४०० फ़ीट है। ऊर्द्ध्व Ex:  Maromokotro, with an altitude of 2,876 m . तुंगत्व Ex:  The region is , and includes mountains reaching an altitude of above sea level. तुंगिमा Ex:  Its average altitude is above sea level. फराजी Ex:  625-630 km/h at 6,600 m-rated altitude using the restricted 1.3ata boost वकअत Ex:  Due to the altitude at which the city is located शीर्षलम्ब Ex:  This altitude is higher than any of the European resorts. समुच्छय Ex:  Below the turbopause at an altitude of about 100 km समुच्छाय Ex:  As the altitude increases समुत्सेध Ex:  At the altitude of the International Space Station समुद्र तल से ऊंचा Ex:  Thimphu is located at , altitude of 2320m/7656ft. समुद्रोच्छाय Ex:  Yellowstone Lake is the largest high altitude lake in North America. सम्मूर्छन Ex:  The temperature in the chromosphere increases gradually with altitude
Other : उच्चत्व Ex:  We draw the altitude from point C उन्नतांश Ex:  The city's altitude ranges from 0 to 273.4 feet above sea level ऊँचा स्थान Ex:  The D'AT3 held modest FAI speed and altitude records for the time तुंगता Ex:  Tsiafajavona, with an altitude of 2,643 m .
Altitude ki paribhasha : vah upahaar jo bar ka bad bhaayi vadhou ko deta hai dooj ke chndrama ka vah chhor jo doosare se ooncha ho

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Altitude synonyms

distance elevation peak apex eminence summit loftiness

Altitude antonyms

nadir depth

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The word is used as noun in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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