Amazement meaning in hindi | Amazement ka matlab 

Amazement meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Amazement 
Usage of Amazement: 1: The victory was met by sheer amazement and delirium in Paris 2: He and his whole army were struck with amazement at the sign. 3: He only stared at the young girl in boundless amazement . 4: at this news, he was struck with amazement 5: Back to his amazement 6: be wiped sometimes means being in profound amazement 7: He remained silent amazement 8: Hitting amazement as did, according to the fable, the head of Medusa 9: interjection expressing amazement annoyance 10: It was long before leaving his amazement
Amazement ki paribhasha : jisaka garv nasht ya choorn ho gaya ho vah manovikaar jo kisi nai, abhootapoorva, asaadharana, bahut badi athava samajh men na aanevaali baat ke dekhane, sunane ya dhyaan men na aane se utpann hoti hai vah jise dekhakar chitt men vismayayukt aahlaad utpann ho

Amazement synonyms
bewilderment confusion admiration astonishment perplexity awe wonderment stopper shock stunner stupefaction marvel confoundment one for the books something else
Amazement antonyms
expectation calmness composure coolness indifference preparation 
Usage of Amazement in sentences

The word is used as noun in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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