Amoral meaning in hindi | Amoral ka matlab 

Amoral meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Amoral 
Usage of Amoral: 1: Ravan was an amoral person. 2: This novel is rather amoral immoral

Amoral synonyms
abandoned animal carnal corrupt debauched depraved desirous disorderly dissolute fast fast and loose fleshly impure incontinent lascivious lax lecherous lewd libertine libidinous lustful profligate promiscuous reprobate salacious scabrous sensual uncontrollable unruly wanton lubricious relaxed unconstrained swinging in the fast lane lickerish oversexed satyric uncurbed unmoral x-rated bawdy blue breezy crude daring dirty earthy erotic filthy foul gross hot immodest immoral indecent indecorous indelicate indiscreet inelegant lurid naughty obscene off-color offensive provocative purple racy raw ribald salty shady smart smutty spicy suggestive unrefined vulgar warm sizzling off-base out-of-line excessive unjust unreasonable unfair outrageous uncivilized barbarous preposterous unethical criminal dishonest exorbitant extravagant extreme inordinate knavish sneaky too much undue ungodly unholy unscrupulous deceitful unprofessional bent cheating crooked devious double-dealing sly tricky two-faced two-timing underhand praetorian dirty-dealing double-crossing mercentary stop-at-nothing mercenary padded purchasable buyable on the take impish devilish wayward vicious mischievous villainous nasty abominable arch atrocious bad news contemptible debased degenerate egregious fiendish flagitious guilty heartless heinous impious incorrigible iniquitous irreligious mean nefarious profane rotten scandalous shameful shameless sinful vile worthless low-down unrighteous reprehensible illegal unlawful dissipated blamable blameworthy blasphemous censurable dishonorable felonious illicit sacrilegious wrongful ruthless
Amoral antonyms
chaste moral controlled good innocent kind unprejudiced sensible honest civilized cultured principled nice reasonable fair just refined sophisticated decent frank trustworthy truthful ethical scrupulous open upright noble pure uncorrupt obedient friendly pleasant assisting helpful useful worthwhile behaved clean aiding amateur authorized lawful legal virtuous righteous careful honorable acceptable appropriate ok suitable purified correct 
Usage of Amoral in sentences

The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. 
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