Ample meaning in hindi | Ample ka matlab 

Ample meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Ample 
Usage of Ample: 1: had ample food for the party 2: The election was given ample coverage on T.V. 3: Shopping districts are popular in Barbados, with ample duty-free shopping. 4: Although he received ample funding for the project, it was never completed. 5: "had an ample justification for war 6: There is ample evidence 7: They have ample poison glands that lie entirely within their chelicerae. 8: There would be ample room for restaurants and similar facilities. 9: In November 1918 the Allies had ample supplies of men and materiel 10: The emperor nominally provided an ample income for his family
Ample ki paribhasha : raamaayan ke anusaar raaja ikshvaaku ke putr ka naama, jisane vishaal naam ki nagari sthaapit ki thi jo parimaan men alp ya nyoon na ho jese, vahaaan aap logon ke liye bahut vistrat sthaan hai padaarth men sarvada vidyamaan rahanevaala gun ya dharm ek pakavaan jo masaala mili hui urd ki pithi ki gol chakraakaar tikiyon ko ghi ya tel men talakar banata hai yathesht hone ka bhaav

Ample synonyms
wide generous great bountiful copious plentiful voluminous substantial spacious broad expansive extensive abundant abounding big capacious commodious enough full galore heavy large lavish liberal plenty profuse rich roomy spare unrestricted bounteous plenteous no end
Ample antonyms
cramped restricted wanting insignificant unimportant lacking sparse scarce insufficient narrow little short small poor meager rare limited not enough 
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The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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