Ancestor meaning in hindi | Ancestor ka matlab 

Ancestor meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Ancestor 
Usage of Ancestor: 1: Due to a mutation in an early cat ancestor 2: Nature and ancestor spirits are also common in popular Taoism. 3: A given programming language does not usually have a single ancestor language. 4: His earliest American ancestor 5: Chinese folk religion and ancestor worship. 6: While some genealogies give Traidenis as the ancestor 7: Recent research indicates that Gediminids' ancestor may have been Skalmantas. 8: Among first known ancestor of multi-shot weapons was created by James Puckle 9: Their likely ancestor is the large northern Holarctic wolf, Canis lupus lupus. 10: 20% from a male African ancestor
Ancestor ki paribhasha : kisi vyakti ke mrat baap daada paradaada aadi utpatti parnpara men pahale padnevaale purush kisi padaarth ka vah gun jisaka bodh drashta oopar ki pidhiyon men utpann purush

Ancestor synonyms
forebear founder forefather antecedent ascendant precursor forerunner progenitor foremother primogenitor antecessor foregoer
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The word is used as noun in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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