And meaning in hindi | And ka matlab 

And meaning in hindi

How to pronounce And 
As noun : ऐजन तथा
Usage of And: 1: 0 and 1 are digits 2: i was beaming and buoyant. 3: Dialectics of Labor and Time 4: the Reign of the Bourbons ended and the Reign of Terror began 5: install the washer and dryer 6: Ram and Shyam were two of the finishers for the 400 metres race. 7: Deep and highsnow driftsare posing threats to the ship. 8: East and West Germany amalgamated in 1990. 9: The Press has vulgarized Love and Marriage
And ki paribhasha : chaar ki snkhya ka vaachak shabd brajabhaasha men pratham purush ka vah ekavachan roopa, jo kaarakachihn lagane ke pahale use praapt hota hai do shabdon ya vaakyon ko jodnevaala shabd

And synonyms
also furthermore including moreover along with as a consequence as well as together with 
Usage of And in sentences

The word is used as conjunction in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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