Anesthetize meaning in hindi | Anesthetize ka matlab 

Anesthetize meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Anesthetize 
Anesthetize synonyms
impair abate mute reduce smother cushion soften hush stupefy check weaken depress deprive slow tire injure damp repress suppress destroy blunt quieten exhaust consume incapacitate chloroform gas frustrate drown unnerve freeze dull dim retard benumb dampen devitalize stun lessen alleviate stifle knock out lay out tone down etherize ko put out of order put to sleep make inactive make less sensitive render insensible load debase soak sophisticate inject sedate adulterate poison hit relax fix dose treat analgize dope up dose up mitigate moderate speed relieve soothe simplify lift calm ameliorate further allay promote facilitate expedite improve appease palliate cure still doctor assuage comfort relent forward mollify nurse lighten assist pacify tranquilize slacken smooth disengage cheer disburden release aid attend to clear the way let up on make easier open the door run interference for speed up bewitch fascinate enthrall mesmerize enrapture enchant rejoice ravish please delight charm gladden spellbind attract transport put in a trance captivate induce magnetize bring under control dull the will hold under a spell lull to sleep make drowsy make sleepy subject tosuggestion immobilize frost chill obtund halt demolish disable bemuse daze appall lame transfix debilitate nonplus disarm astound arrest enfeeble daunt close prostrate petrify shut down palsy bring to grinding halt make inert make nerveless stop dead opiate loosen
Anesthetize antonyms
enlarge increase intensify invigorate aid assist permit mobilize stimulate uplift refresh construct facilitate animate enliven extend magnify raise strengthen allow help indulge encourage advance push let go build brighten clean purify ignore neglect incite worsen excite worry delay slow harm injure condemn demote weaken block cease hinder annoy exasperate impede burden bring down perplex vex irritate agitate halt hurt trouble upset check stop aggravate provoke depress hold keep maintain make difficult disgust tire displease disenchant turn off bore repel repulse exhilarate inspire heat improve enlighten explain comfort embolden release soothe continue repair restore clear up 
Usage of Anesthetize in sentences

The word is used as verb in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. 
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