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Apply meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Apply 
Usage of Apply: 1: Actors apply a lot of make up. 2: You should apply yourself to your studies . 3: While Acts can apply to the whole of the UK including Scotland 4: Although this did not apply to the Subura slums 5: Multiple models may be seen to apply simultaneously 6: This limit used to apply to every entry 7: These laws generally apply only to their own citizens 8: Some U.S. laws directly apply to Antarctica. 9: Other apply ultrasound 10: This could apply to the bacterial members of a stromatolite
Apply ki paribhasha : do padaarthon ka tal aapas men milana kisi vastu par ya kisi vastu ke andar doosari vastu sthit karana ek padaarth ke tal ke saath doosare padaarth ka tal milana

Apply synonyms
employ handle practice administer implement exercise execute engage utilize exploit assign bring into play bring to bear relate pertain involve connect affect refer fit regard allude appertain suit touch concern be applicable be pertinent bear upon spread cover join anoint rub smear affix paint bestow place fasten massage put on lay on claim appeal demand inquire sue requisition petition solicit put in for devote study give try address commit plug persevere sweat scratch dig dedicate direct turn concentrate bend grind throw hustle bear down buckle down knuckle down be diligent be industrious give best shot give old college try hammer away hit the ball make effort peg away pour it on pull out all stops give all one's got
Apply antonyms
ignore misuse cease mismanage neglect halt stop detach loosen deny disclaim answer keep 
Usage of Apply in sentences

The word is used as verb in english grammar. The word can be used as noun, verb or intransitive verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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