Appreciation meaning in hindi | Appreciation ka matlab 

Appreciation meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Appreciation 
Usage of Appreciation: 1: Ram gave Hari a book on birds as a token of appreciation for his help. 2: Write a critical appreciation on"The Poem On His Blindness" 3: Jefferson acquired an intense appreciation of Palladio's architectural concepts 4: Before the appreciation of the bacterium's role 5: Instead of coming out of the woods with a deepened appreciation of the wilds 6: Sheridan had an appreciation of Vanbrugh's style 7: This appreciation was at the time accepted by the Admiralty. 8: Dion released One Heart , an album that represented her appreciation for life. 9: She has also expressed appreciation for Édith Piaf 10: Corgan in particular was open about his appreciation of heavy metal
Appreciation ki paribhasha : kisi vastu ka mooly nirdhaa- rit ya nishchit karana grahaprabndh ki dekhabhaal ki jimmedaari badhane ya adhik hone ki kriya ya bhaav kisi padaarth ke doshon aur gunon ko achchhi tarah dekhana

Appreciation synonyms
gratitude thanks acknowledgment indebtedness obligation tribute testimonial gratefulness inflation growth gain improvement rise enhancement admiration perception love knowledge commendation enjoyment sensitivity awareness understanding sympathy affection realization respect esteem liking valuation appraisal regard sensitiveness attraction comprehension cognizance grasp sensibility estimation assessment relish responsivenesss aesthetic sense high regard
Appreciation antonyms
disparagement disregard decrease depreciation loss criticism neglect disapproval dislike hate hatred ignorance disdain dishonor insensitivity misunderstanding 
Usage of Appreciation in sentences

The word is used as noun in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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