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Arch meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Arch 
Usage of Arch: 1: The arch has a span of 50 metres. 2: they built a triumphal arch to memorialize their victory 3: the use of the arch in monumental architecture 4: Her arch smile left him dreaming. 5: It consists of a central light with semicircular arch over 6: Yorkshire's arch rivals 7: Scotland's arch rival. 8: "as only one entire arch of fire from this to the other side of the bridge 9: The arch appeared in Mesopotamia 10: The semicircular arch can be flattened to make an elliptical arch.
Arch ki paribhasha : adhyaaya, parichchhed aadi ka aarnbh vah vastu jo kisi bojh ko thaharaaye rakhane ya kisi vastu ko khadi rakhane ke liye lagaayi jaati hai visheshata: vah dvaar jisaka oopari bhaag mndpaakaar tatha maalaon aur pataakaaon aadi se sajaaya gaya ho ganit men aadha vrattakshetr vah grah jisase tis ansh ke andar hi soory ho jo sada kuchh na kuchh upadrav karata rahe vah jisaka rng pila liye saphed ho aur aaankhe laal hon vah jo mukhy ya pradhaan ho dvaar ke oopar ardhamndlaakaar banaaya hua bhaag

Arch synonyms
head champion expert leading top premier finished primary accomplished chief master consummate major main first foremost highest preeminent greatest sly artful frolicsome mischievous playful roguish saucy waggish wily archway semicircle span dome curvature bow bend vault bridge form extend stretch hump hook shape round hunch camber
Arch antonyms
auxiliary lower unimportant worst inexpert last subordinate least minor unfinished incomplete inessential unnecessary insignificant inferior secondary amateur compress condense shorten destroy straighten concentrate neglect 
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The word is used as adjective noun, verb in english grammar. The word can be used as, noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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