Arrogant meaning in hindi | Arrogant ka matlab 

Arrogant meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Arrogant 
Usage of Arrogant: 1: Hes an arrogant little shit. 2: He is an arrogant man. 3: He is very arrogant boy. 4: He is innately an arrogant person. 5: Tom is quite arrogant . 6: The promotion of such an arrogant imperialism is said to have ruined Athens. 7: After the meeting, Eliot said he found Joyce arrogant 8: While most in China viewed the Shanghainese as bourgeois and arrogant 9: A arrogant man 10: A person arrogant
Arrogant ki paribhasha : jise kuchh kahane ya karane men snkoch na ho .... maatraaun ka ek chhnd jisamen pratyek dasavin maatra par viraam hota hai aur ant men laghu hote hain

Arrogant synonyms
haughty presumptuous imperious pretentious aloof cocky cavalier smug vain pompous bossy assuming audacious autocratic cheeky conceited contemptuous cool disdainful domineering egotistic high and mighty high-handed insolent know-it-all lordly overbearing peremptory proud scornful self-important snippy snooty snotty supercilious superior uppity wise guy smarty biggety bragging cold-shoulder on an ego trip puffed up sniffy stuck up swaggering
Arrogant antonyms
timid unsure meek servile humble shy modest unconceited 
Usage of Arrogant in sentences

The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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