Aspiration meaning in hindi | Aspiration ka matlab 

Aspiration meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Aspiration 
Usage of Aspiration: 1: Their aspiration was to have representation in Polish Sejm 2: Manual Vacuum aspiration abortion 3: 64% of those reported were by vacuum aspiration 4: Channel communicating anatomy of the larynx and bronchi used for air passage during aspiration and expiration 5: In several words, the H is pronounced with aspiration 6: Medicine excessive air aspiration in the digestive tract, which causes dilation of the esophagus or stomach 7: The aspiration is opposed to the expiry 8: The aspiration movement of a pump, lungs 9: The sign of aspiration
Aspiration ki paribhasha : jibh aur honth ke snyog se kisi padaarth ka ras khinch khinchakar pina maaang naasika ke maarg se praanaavaayu ke bhitar jaane aur baahar nikalane ki kriya vyaakaran ke anusaar vah varn jisake uchchaaran men praanavaayu ka vishesh vyavahaar karana padta hai nyaay ke anusaar vaakyaarthagyaan ke chaar prakaar ke hetuon men se ek

Aspiration synonyms
desire longing eagerness wish aim yearning passion ambition objective endeavor dream inclination urge direction work hankering ambitiousness pursuit push vocation craving right stuff fire in the belly
Aspiration antonyms
dislike hate hatred apathy indifference laziness entertainment fun pastime 
Usage of Aspiration in sentences

The word is used as noun in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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