Assurance meaning in hindi | Assurance ka matlab 

Assurance meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Assurance 
Usage of Assurance: 1: He gave me his assurance that he will finish the job before Monday. 2: his assurance in his superiority did not make him popular 3: Explanation and reassurance alone are often sufficient treatment 4: But this may not be enough assurance 5: , to be responsible; give some assurance 6: Please accept the assurances, receive the assurance of my highest consideration 7: Promise, Promise made or assurance given on honor 8: The assurance of a ship 9: validly, with assurance that the thing in question will have its effect 10: We gave him the assurance that he would be named
Assurance ki paribhasha : kisi prakaar ki visheshataः aarthik haani poori karane ki jimmedaari jo kuchh nishchit dhan lekar usake badale men ki jaati hai gurujanon ke samaksh vyavahaar ki anuchit svachchhndata vah dhaarana jo man men kisi vyakti ke prati usaka sadbhaava, hitaishitaa, satyataa, dradhata aadi athava kisi siddhaant aadi ki satyata athava uttamata ka gyaan hone ke kaaran hoti hai

Assurance synonyms
word pledge support assertion affirmation promise security guarantee warranty lock oath profession vow declaration insurance shoo-in sure thing word of honor lock on rain or shine certainty nerve certitude coolness sureness aggressiveness trust surety positiveness presumption self-confidence temerity arrogance aplomb bravery self-reliance boldness assuredness poise courage firmness effrontery faith conviction impudence audacity
Assurance antonyms
denial distrust doubt fear misgiving shyness uncertainty break breach confusion hesitancy modesty disbelief humility diffidence cowardice meekness weakness timidity care caution 
Usage of Assurance in sentences

The word is used as noun in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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