Astonishment meaning in hindi | Astonishment ka matlab 

Astonishment meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Astonishment 
Usage of Astonishment: 1: Vasilevsky recalls Stalin's astonishment when 2: Absolutely, I do not believe, I do not believe my astonishment 3: astonishment of heart that keeps rage and frenzy 4: astonishment that produces stupor 5: Be struck with astonishment, amazement, astonishment 6: Cause, to the astonishment of 7: Consider astonishment mingled with pleasure what seems beautiful, which seems wonderful 8: Fill astonishment 9: Fill, hitting an admiration mingled astonishment 10: I can not get over my astonishment
Astonishment ki paribhasha : jisaka garv nasht ya choorn ho gaya ho vah manovikaar jo kisi nai, abhootapoorva, asaadharana, bahut badi athava samajh men na aanevaali baat ke dekhane, sunane ya dhyaan men na aane se utpann hoti hai

Astonishment synonyms
bewilderment consternation confusion amazement awe wonderment stunner shock stupefaction astoundment dumbfoundment one for the books something else
Astonishment antonyms
calm composure calmness coolness expectation dullness unexcitement 
Usage of Astonishment in sentences

The word is used as noun in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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