Attached meaning in hindi | Attached ka matlab 

Attached meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Attached 
Usage of Attached: 1: persistent leaves remain attached past maturity 2: the charts hereto attached 3: A tugboat is attached to anchor the ship. 4: Clips were attached to the gun for firing. 5: He attached a tab to the file for its quick location. 6: The pedals of a bicycle are attached to a crank. 7: Propellents are attached to the racket. 8: I was attached by moralistic speech. 9: Enclitic pronouns are attached to the end of a verb 10: The M1 also has a permanently attached buttstock

Attached synonyms
secure fix affix adhere add link connect tie stick annex bind couple unite prefix append hook up rivet hitch on hitch up hook on latch onto make fast slap on tag on accompany enlist combine affiliate associate become associated with join forces with sign on with sign up with unite with put assign send allocate appoint earmark name allot detail consign second place lay impute designate invest with
Attached antonyms
loosen detach disconnect disjoin disunite divorce lose let go unfasten untie unfix forget separate remove divide sever take away avoid part withhold keep neglect retain 
Usage of Attached in sentences

The word is used as verb in english grammar. The word can be used as noun, verb or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. 
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