Austerity meaning in hindi | Austerity ka matlab 

Austerity meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Austerity 
Usage of Austerity: 1: Postmodernism developed as a reaction against the austerity of Modernism. 2: A man of the past means a man of great austerity 3: Discard by austerity precepts 4: It is in perpetual exercise of penance, in perpetual austerity 5: It means, figuratively, Great severity rigorous exactitude, austerity 6: The austerity laws 7: The austerity of Cato 8: The austerity of his morals 9: There was a lot of austerity in this monastery 10: This monk could not bear the austerity of his rule
Austerity ki paribhasha : sharir ko kasht dene vaale ve vrat aur niyam aadi jo chitt ko shuddh aur vishayon se nivratt karane ke liye kiye jaayan haanikaarak ya buri vastuon se bachane ki kriya

Austerity synonyms
rigor harshness strictness formality sternness solemnity acerbity gravity seriousness coldness stiffness obduracy inflexibility stringency asperity exactness hardness rigidity inclemency astringence formalness exactingness prudence temperance sobriety continence chastity stoicism abstemiousness determination self-denial puritanism economy self-discipline chasteness asceticism simplicity bareness plainness starkness rusticism spareness baldness primitiveness dourness spartanism unadornment
Austerity antonyms
informality mildness blandness calmness gentility meekness extravagance indulgence kindness unimportance elaborateness spending luxuriousness 
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The word is used as noun in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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