Awake meaning in hindi | Awake ka matlab 

Awake meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Awake 
As adjective : जागे हुए
Usage of Awake: 1: You awake up early in the morning. 2: Ram was awake till late night. 3: Minister has the public awake about environment. 4: Eleven hours into the flight, the crew had been awake for over 16 hours. 5: Cash used the uppers to stay awake during tours. 6: A good companion also said a man who fellow, funny, awake 7: be between waking and sleeping, Be non fully awake nor fully asleep 8: He is awake like a mouse hotpot said of a lively child, very lively and very gay 9: He is awake like a mouse hotpot, Young said of a strong bright child, stirring strong gay and strong 10: His pain, his pain awake
Awake ki paribhasha : saankhy aur vedaant ke mat se vah avastha jisamen manushy ko indriyon dvaara sab prakaar ke vyavahaaron aur kaaryon ka anubhav hota rahe vah avastha jisamen shabda, sparsh aadi sab baaton ka parigyaan aur grahan ho nichi sthiti se aur ooanchi sthiti men hona nind tyaagane ke liye prerana karana

Awake synonyms
vigilant attentive cognizant alive knowing waking excited heedful observant on guard wakeful watchful roused awakened aroused get up call stir arise wake up gain consciousness roll out activate enliven incite revive kindle vivify animate provoke stimulate call forth stir up
Awake antonyms
inattentive ignorant unaware asleep unconscious deaden lull go to sleep calm quiet stop bore discourage kill 
Usage of Awake in sentences

The word is used as adjective verb in english grammar. The word can be used as, noun, verb, adjective or transitive verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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