Bearing meaning in hindi | Bearing ka matlab 

Bearing meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Bearing 
Usage of Bearing: 1: She is bearing his child 2: He had a certain knightly bearing that was regal and elegant. 3: She is bearing his child. 4: messengers were moving unobtrusively over the jet-black mountain ranges, bearing confidential tidings from sheikhdom to sheikhdom 5: This doesn't have any bearing on all that . 6: Between bearing six children 7: Evert operates a tennis academy bearing her name in Boca Raton, Florida. 8: Lars Magnus Ericsson started the company bearing his name 9: The first building bearing the name was built in 1859, and was a music hall. 10: Poland issued a banknote bearing Copernicus' portrait.
Bearing ki paribhasha : vah chitthi ya paarasal jisaka mahasool bhejanevaale ki or se na diya gaya ho, paanevaale se vasul kiya jaay vishnu ka ek naam khinchakar athava sir ya kndhe par laadakar ek jagah se doosari jagah le jaana makaan ke bich ka khula chhod hua bhaag do pakshon men honevaala vah jhagad jisaka phaisala adaalat se ho niyat sthaan ke atirikt shesh vistaar bauddhon ke anusaar ve aacharan jo sadaachaar maane jaate hain

Bearing synonyms
demeanor manner pose look presence aspect mien display carriage poise comportment deportment set stand behavior address front air attitude relevance pertinence weight reference meaning application connection relation import 
Usage of Bearing in sentences

The word is used as noun in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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