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Beating meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Beating 
As noun : धड़कन Ex:  After beating Sri Lanka 2–0 in December 2009, India became the No. फिंटाई Ex:  Barcelona and Maradona won the Copa del Rey , beating Real Madrid. फेंट Ex:  1, 6-4, 4-6, 8-6 after beating Gabriela Sabatini in a three-set semifinal. फेंटाई Ex:  6-1 after beating Kathy Jordan in the quarterfinals मार Ex:  She also won the season-ending championships, beating Navratilova in four sets. उ:   उसे मार कर सीता जी को वापस ले कर आये। मोटा Ex:  Beat copper, Give by beating a particular form उ:   मोटा पाठमधुब मधुबनी, बिहार का एक प्रखण्ड।
As verb : कंडन Ex:  The crowd was beating their feet with the music. पिटाई Ex:  Poland, which she won, beating Alona Bondarenko of Ukraine in the final. उ:   यह देख इन्दु उन लड़कों की पिटाई कर देता है।
Other : कुटम्मस Ex:  You're just beating your gums . ठुकाई Ex:  Max almost crapped out from the beating he took . मारपीट Ex:  Seles won her fourth Australian Open, beating Anke Huber in the final. विस्पंदन Ex:  He administered a beating
Beating ki paribhasha : aisa ladai jisamen aaghaat kiya jaay ek puraana pratyay jo kisi shabd ke aage lagakar kartavya, dhaaran ya snyog aadi soochit karata hai pitavaane ki majaduri

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Beating synonyms

drubbing whipping slaughter defeat annihilation bashing rout trouncing shellacking

Beating antonyms

victory win triumph

Usage of Beating in sentences

The word is used as noun in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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