Benign meaning in hindi | Benign ka matlab 

Benign meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Benign 
Usage of Benign: 1: He is known for his benign disposition. 2: a benign smile 3: The 3rd century historian Cassius Dio acknowledged Augustus as a benign 4: Germany's relatively benign China policy 5: The name , "Causing Happiness", also reflects this benign aspect. 6: He called benign tumours oncos 7: VZV is a benign disease in a healthy child in the United States. 8: benign influence 9: In so benign 10: Small pox benign, benign species
Benign ki paribhasha : vah naayak jo ek hi vivaahit stri men anurakt ho sira, daadhi, moochhon aadi sabake baalon ka mundn yajn ke yoop ka niche se pndrah aratni ka sthaan jisaka sahaj men saadhan kiya ja sake

Benign synonyms
benevolent gentle favorable friendly benignant amiable beneficent complaisant congenial generous good gracious liberal merciful obliging sympathetic goodhearted temperate warm auspicious balmy bright fortunate healthful propitious refreshing encouraging charitable lucky salutary dexter smiling harmless curable limited slight superficial early stage remediable
Benign antonyms
unkind unfriendly hateful hostile hurtful injurious malignant disadvantageous harmful cancerous rough violent harsh bad severe 
Usage of Benign in sentences

The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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