Betray meaning in hindi | Betray ka matlab 

Betray meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Betray 
Usage of Betray: 1: My brother still lives with our parents
None of his brothers would betray him
2: Just as Cressida betrayed Troilus, Antenor was later to betray Troy. 3: It is only after his death that she is to betray him. 4: It would betray his best friend for thinner Interest 5: It's good to be looser than betray his friend 6: Take, kissing, support, abandon, betray someone's interests 7: This is the secret tomb is said of a person who can be entrusted with a secret safely, without fear that it betray the 8: To betray a secret 9: To betray someone's secret, reveal someone's secret 10: To betray the truth
Betray ki paribhasha : thik raaste se doosari or le jaana ya pherana

Betray synonyms
abandon mislead forsake deceive seduce jilt cross trick finger bluff desert knife delude blow the whistle break faith break with double-cross let down sell out stab in the back take in turn in walk out on be unfaithful bite the hand that feeds you break promise break trust commit treason deliver up go back on inform against inform on play judas play false sell down the river turn informer turn state's evidence reveal disclose show unmask stool evince manifest tattle spill snitch sing uncover tell squeal give away blurt out dime fink on lay bare let slip make known rat on tell on
Betray antonyms
aid assist protect hide stay help be faithful be loyal defend support be quiet keep secret conceal withhold cover 
Usage of Betray in sentences

The word is used as verb in english grammar. The word can be used as noun, verb or transitive verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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