Bigotry meaning in hindi | Bigotry ka matlab 

Bigotry meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Bigotry 
Usage of Bigotry: 1: She stated that she strongly opposed bigotry 2: Late extreme Sarmatism turned belief into bigotry 3: All his devotion is only bigotry 4: It is a ridiculous bigotry
Bigotry ki paribhasha : bina uchit anuchit ke vichaar ke kisi ke anukool pravratti ya sthiti kisi baat par jam jaana ki aisa ho ho

Bigotry synonyms
discrimination racism bias injustice sexism unfairness fanaticism partiality provincialism dogmatism racialism narrow-mindedness sectarianism jim crowism
Bigotry antonyms
fairness impartiality open-mindedness broad-mindedness tolerance 
Usage of Bigotry in sentences

The word is used as noun in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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