Blow out meaning in hindi | Blow out ka matlab 

Blow out meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Blow out 
Blow out ki paribhasha : kisi jalate hue padaarth ka jalana vnd ho jaana

Blow out synonyms
riot excitement party amusement bash good time great time discourage dishearten unsettle dampen dispirit upset disorganize disturb cripple deject daunt debilitate embarrass disconcert sap undermine weaken unzip discountenance rattle nonplus muddle enfeeble snarl abash shake jumble disparage disorder disarrange chill blow up unman get to psych out send up take apart take steam out unglue snuff out deluge soak quench drown saturate smother splash submerge wet dunk souse plunge slop immerse splatter sop spatter duck slosh submerse steep squench picnic satisfaction gaiety pastime sport celebration treat frolic play ball merrymaking enjoyment surprise recreation delight game relaxation spree distraction merriment feast diversion shindig cheer relief fun revelry big time high time clambake laughs grins divertissement fun and games leisure activity lots of laughs regalement wingding dislodge evacuate remove exhaust ejaculate belch disgorge spew erupt vomit pass exude eruct get rid of throw out drive out exudate irrupt cast out stamp out suffocate trample stifle choke blot out tear self-indulgence circus toot bust gratification bender binge blow-out
Blow out antonyms
boredom breeze quiet stillness hearten organize calm comfort soothe aid assist sanction placate educate enlighten explain uplift moralize purify encourage inspirit compose order please help strengthen approve clear up arrange boost make good dehydrate dry start dissatisfaction sadness task vocation sorrow melancholy chore drudgery need unhappiness want profession work seriousness misery labor depression pain gloom permit welcome absorb admit take in allow create bear assuage unselfishness virtue appearance 
Usage of Blow out in sentences

The word is used as noun verb in english grammar. The word can be used as, noun, verb or transitive verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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