Boil meaning in hindi | Boil ka matlab 

Boil meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Boil 
Usage of Boil: 1: The brought to water to a boil 2: He has a boil on his back. 3: I have got a boil in leg 4: You should boil away some of the liquid . 5: We don't have time to boil down this matter . 6: First, you must bring the soup to a boil . 7: Finally, things really came to a boil . 8: Blood and other body fluids do boil 9: Some oils and greases will boil off in extreme vacuums. 10: A fountain that throws rolling boil
Boil ki paribhasha : aaanch ya garami paakar paani, doodh aadi taral padaarthon ka phen ke saath oopar uthana kh ses naag jaake kanth maala aaanch paakar phen ke sahit oopar uthana paani, doodha, ya aur kisi taral padaarth ko aag par rakhakar itana garam karana ki vah phen ke saath oopar uth aave

Boil synonyms
abscess carbuncle tumor sore excrescence ulcer pimple furuncle blain pustule poach evaporate stew bubble steam simmer effervesce froth smolder foam parboil agitate seethe cook coddle churn steep fizz decoct flare burn storm rage fume fulminate rave bristle sputter blow up foam at the mouth be indignant
Boil antonyms
freeze be happy 
Usage of Boil in sentences

The word is used as noun verb in english grammar. The word can be used as, noun, verb or transitive verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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