Boil over meaning in hindi | Boil over ka matlab 

Boil over meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Boil over 
Boil over ki paribhasha : jaisa raha ho usase bhinn ho jaana

Boil over synonyms
annoy inflame aggravate embitter exasperate displease infuriate excite irritate exacerbate enrage offend rile arouse antagonize incense provoke rankle bait agitate goad umbrage pique seethe gall craze madden vex cross boil ruffle burn stew tempt fret chafe affront miff rant nettle rave blow up egg on burn up get mad make sore raise hell steam up stir up get on one's nerves fume bridle spit swell rise be angry be infuriated be maddened flare up see red stand on end get one's dander up flicker flash explode break out blaze glow shoot dazzle glare burst shimmer dart waver flutter go off fire up lose control scandalize shock insult aggrieve defile force ravish maltreat injure jar ravage desecrate persecute spoil mistreat misuse deflower oppress rape violate whip up raise cain do violence to kick up a row make hit the ceiling reach boiling point ill- treat rampage roar erupt tear fulminate scold splutter surge yell storm overflow scream be beside oneself be furious be uncontrollable blow a fuse champ at bit fly off the handle foam at the mouth go berserk have a fit have a tantrum let off steam look daggers make a fuss over rail at rant and rave snap at throw a fit work oneself into sweat blow one's top become irate
Boil over antonyms
aid soothe alleviate appease pacify placate tranquilize calm comfort delight lull quiet assist mollify forbear make happy please help compose bore discourage be happy compliment praise honor sanctify gladden flatter satisfy treat well be calm be quiet 
Usage of Boil over in sentences

The word is used as verb in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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