Branch out meaning in hindi | Branch out ka matlab 

Branch out meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Branch out 
Usage of Branch out: 1: Most Protestant traditions branch out from the Reformed tradition in some way. 2: The company continued to branch out into new markets in 1996 3: Joining Botanical flowers whose stems, born from the same point of the stem, then branch out irregularly and end all roughly the same height

Branch out synonyms
add to develop diverge diversify divide enlarge expand extend increase multiply part proliferate separate spread out bifurcate angle split divaricate widen sprout cultivate raise flourish breed build thrive swell rise produce gain come advance age turn mature become thicken maturate arise dilate wax germinate issue vegetate pullulate propagate abound stem heighten amplify shoot augment luxuriate mount originate ripen burgeon fill out burst forth come to be get bigger get taller pop up spring up shine gleam emanate emit beam transmit diffuse shed illumine irradiate ramble disseminate afford distribute sprinkle yield broadcast pour glitter strew circulate throw out light up give out send out shoot out draw run reach cover lengthen strain unfold go span open distend bridge tighten pyramid magnify make recline unroll overlap rack prolong tauten range pad repose protract inflate drag out draw out pull out prolongate crane lie out make taut make tense shoot up spin out string out subdivide
Branch out antonyms
lessen shrink combine connect join agree narrow destroy ignore repress compress decrease cease demolish raze languish ruin recede retreat abridge condense curtail shorten neglect halt stop drop lower diminish reduce fail lose decline contract hold keep stunt hide conceal dull take collect gather exclude block push repel repulse concentrate end abbreviate close deflate cut unite maintain 
Usage of Branch out in sentences

The word is used as verb in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. 
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