Broad minded meaning in hindi | Broad minded ka matlab 

Broad minded meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Broad minded 
Broad minded ki paribhasha : yog men asmitaa, raaga, dvesh aur abhinivesh in chaaron kleshon ka ek bhed ya avastha jisamen koi klesh apane poorn roop men vartamaan rahata hua apane vishay ka grahan karata rahata hai

Broad minded synonyms
advanced cosmopolitan dispassionate flexible indulgent permissive radical receptive responsive unbiased unprejudiced wide free-thinking unbigoted undogmatic generic comprehensive universal eclectic whole all-inclusive cosmic diffuse ecumenical extensive global indeterminate planetary large-scale unsectarian world-wide thoughtful magnanimous forgiving considerate gracious benevolent bighearted clement easy favorable forbearing kindly lenient merciful sympathetic understanding all heart literate sophisticated civilized reasonable knowledgeable instructed cultivated savvy sharp learned refined aware hip to in the picture plugged in tuned in wised up knowing what's what cordial generous humanitarian unselfish approachable gentle democratic friendly accommodating altruistic amiable benign genial good good-natured helpful kindhearted mild natural obliging philanthropic righteous tender tenderhearted warmhearted benignant pitying general avant-garde rational left high-minded intelligent interested loose receiving unconventional unorthodox humanistic reformist latitudinarian libertarian impartial observant perceptive persuadable acceptant acceptive open to suggestions swayable revolutionary continuous modern dynamic gradual go-ahead continuing enterprising graduated increasing ongoing onward up-and-coming up-to-date forward-looking developing accelerating advancing bleeding-heart escalating intensifying left of center complaisant condoning fair free and easy lax long-suffering patient soft easy on easy with excusing
Broad minded antonyms
close-minded small-minded exclusive specific narrow-minded particular partial incomprehensive inattentive inconsiderate malevolent uncharitable unkind unsympathetic unmindful thoughtless mean inhumane hard harsh rough severe tough ignorant stupid confounded misled uneducated unenlightened uninformed confused in the dark perplexed merciless unfeeling unfriendly unsociable aloof greedy selfish cruel fierce uncivilized uncompassionate cold cool disagreeable ungiving violent intolerant conservative thrifty ungenerous lacking wanting limited economical poor biased prejudiced intermittent moderate disapproving 
Usage of Broad minded in sentences

The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi. 
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