Brutal meaning in hindi | Brutal ka matlab 

Brutal meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Brutal 
As noun : पशुवत
Usage of Brutal: 1: Auto Shankar of Chennai was a brutal murderer. 2: Such a brutal focus demanded changes in weapons, organization and tactics. 3: It was one of the most brutal displays of fast bowling ever seen. 4: There followed brutal reprisals and assassinations 5: There were reports of massacres and brutal repression by the rebel army. 6: Abacha was not only brutal but very corrupt. 7: The costly and often brutal Peninsular War continued 8: Its effects were brutal 9: Appétit sensual, carnal, brutal 10: brutal Des appetites
Brutal ki paribhasha : logon ko kasht ya pid pahuanchaanevaala sabha ya goshthi men baithane ke naakaabil pashuon ke jaisa kroor ya nirdayataapoorn bura ya uddhegajanak

Brutal synonyms
savage barbarous harsh ruthless inhuman callous vicious severe ferocious merciless bloodthirsty gruff hard heartless impolite insensitive pitiless uncivil uncivilized unfeeling unmannerly unmerciful animal beastly bestial brute carnal coarse feral inhumane bearish brutish ferine swinish
Brutal antonyms
civilized kind polite courteous compassionate friendly humane calm tame nice refined sophisticated easy gentle mild smooth polished giving sympathetic tender temperate generous 
Usage of Brutal in sentences

The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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