Bug meaning in hindi | Bug ka matlab 

Bug meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Bug 
Usage of Bug: 1: a bug zapper 2: In Kafkas story, a person metamorphoses into a bug 3: Sarah tweaked off a little bug . 4: Europe's vineyards were devastated by the bug 5: This does not apply to extremely minor code contributions or bug fixes. 6: PaX also cannot block some format string bug based attacks 7: This is possible if the target has a bug which leaks information 8: It includes bug fixes 9: He married a woman bug 10: The chestnut is enclosed in a bug
Bug ki paribhasha : matamaile unnabi rag ka ek prasiddh kid jo garami men maili khaaton, kurasiyon aur vistaron aadi men utpann hota hai pair va jaaangh par baaandhane ka baktar reangane ya udanevaala kshudr jntu vah avastha jo sharaaba, bhaaanga, aphim ya gaaanja aadi maadak dravy khaane ya pine se hoti hai

Bug synonyms
microbe virus disease infection germ bacillus pest vermin louse ant flea beetle gnat cootie rage zeal mania craze enthusiasm fad breakdown flaw defect failure error trouble problem fault hitch computer malfunction something wrong annoy harass pester irk irritate chafe needle vex nettle plague abrade gall provoke badger get on someone spy tap eavesdrop wiretap overhear listen in
Bug antonyms
apathy indifference lethargy perfection advantage strength benefit aid soothe assist delight make happy please help not bother 
Usage of Bug in sentences

The word is used as noun verb in english grammar. The word can be used as or noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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