Bump meaning in hindi | Bump ka matlab 

Bump meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Bump 
Usage of Bump: 1: The bump threw him off the bicycle 2: Let's bump this place! It's dead here . 3: Stoop down so you don't bump your head . 4: bump facts Ornaments 5: By extension, it is said of any prominence shaped bump 6: Do not request that wound and bump 7: From crockery raised bump or simply Crockery bump 8: Getting a bump on his forehead 9: In terms of architecture, he said, in a sort of projection or bump that comes to break accidentally harmony of a line 10: ornament attached to both sides of the jaws of a horse and two blinders, and in fact bump
Bump ki paribhasha : oopar se veg ke saath niche padne ya koodane ka shabd ek vastu ka doosari vastu ke saath aisa vegayukt sparsh jisase ek ya donon par ekabaaragi bhaari dabaav pad jaay athava gati ke veg ka vah bhaari dabaav jo ek vastu ke saath doosari vastu ke ekabaaragi ja lagane se ek ya donon par padta hai vah aaghaat jo do vastuon ke veg ke saath milane ya chhou jaane se lagata hain ek vastu ko doosari vastu par jor se maarana

Bump synonyms
knock crash smack jerk rattle shake punch bounce bang slam slap thump whack pound rap thud pat plop jounce thunder jar jolt jostle bunt crack strike butt clatter carom box buck thwack plunk impinge clap smash into budge shift displace remove increase raise step up
Bump antonyms
praise placate soothe remain decrease diminish 
Usage of Bump in sentences

The word is used as verb in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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