Call up meaning in hindi | Call up ka matlab 

Call up meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Call up 
Usage of Call up: 1: Please call up the supplier .

Call up synonyms
trigger stimulate turn on move prompt propel energize motivate actuate impel start arouse stir switch on actify set in motion take out of mothballs press choose impress indite induct conscript dragoon conscribe sign on sign up appoint hire engage join gather serve employ admit enter attract assign volunteer incorporate secure get oblige register procure inscribe record interest embody place hitch obtain initiate reserve call to arms enter into take on join up press into service accept subscribe matriculate become student take course collect exact raise extort wrest tax summon charge demand wring put on lay on assemble organize marshal prepare drive ready rally animate circulate catalyze get ready make ready put in motion set off group congress rendezvous convene convoke congregate meet round up call together evoke cite awaken retrospect renew extract flash revive recollect educe elicit reintroduce retain bethink reestablish reinstate call to mind think back think of bring to mind come to one flash on look back nail it down ring a bell strike a note improve select restore retrieve repair strengthen recuperate replenish reinforce recoup recover supply better reanimate regain deliver repossess proselytize augment refresh build up take in fill up find human resources store up win over commemorate recognize learn revoke memorize treasure memorialize enshrine bear in mind conjure up go back nail down relive know by heart brood over dig into the past dwell upon fix in the mind have memories hold dear keep forever refresh memory summon up stress prod mention suggest warn admonish caution emphasize advise point out intimate hint imply bring back to call attention give a cue make one remember make one think put in mind stir up jog one's memory review hark back live in the past muse over dial contact buzz pick up get back to get on the horn get on the line give a call give a jingle give a ring make a call put a call through ring up touch base with anticipate dream up envision picture divine foresee apprehend image object feature fancy reflect imagine create envisage conceive of get the picture see in the mind's eye equip get someone on the horn selection lottery assignment registration induction allotment roll call recruiting greetings impressment selective service call of duty call-up letter from uncle sam roundup assembly congeries crowd company roster convocation aggregation collection meeting assemblage head count mobilization nose count
Call up antonyms
dissuade calm check halt stop end discourage arrest avoid dodge reject neglect refuse oust shun ignore refrain exclude forfeit dismiss fire discharge lay off let go expel cancel divide separate leave withdraw repel lose unfasten remove forget erase deny dispute decline pass exonerate disapprove veto give displace disorganize disperse scatter repress retard slow demobilize hold back destroy throw away kill restore decrease damage ruin weaken deteriorate worsen diminish break hurt waste misunderstand disregard disbelieve separation division 
Usage of Call up in sentences

The word is used as noun verb in english grammar. The word can be used as, noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. 
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