Canopy meaning in hindi | Canopy ka matlab 

Canopy meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Canopy 
Usage of Canopy: 1: The canopy was also revised to an easier-to-produce 2: This canopy improved the pilot's view by reducing the number of support struts 3: Typically, they are found in the canopy of trees near a still-water source. 4: Forests used for nesting should have a canopy cover of less than 60 percent 5: A canopy bed, surmounted by a canopy 6: An altar surmounted by a canopy 7: Architecture Work is shaped canopy and serves as a coronation throne, an altar 8: Half full, so canopy roof to a single sewer, leaning against a wall and sustained forward by pillars or posts 9: It also said a similar ring used to hang a chandelier, a canopy from the ceiling of a room 10: It is said to similar effect The canopy of a catafalque
Canopy ki paribhasha : chhaajan ya chhat ka vah bhaag jo divaar ke baahar nikala rahata hai sushrut ke anusaar ek prakaar ka bndhan jo sir par ke aaghaat ya ghaav aadi par baaandha jaata hai raajaaon ka chhaata jo raajachihnon men se ek hai raajaaon ki chita ya saadhu mahaatmaaon ki samaadhi ke sthaan par smaarak roop se bana hua chhajjedaar mndp

Canopy synonyms
umbrella marquee shade awning sunshade baldachin 
Usage of Canopy in sentences

The word is used as noun in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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