Caprice meaning in hindi | Caprice ka matlab 

Caprice meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Caprice 
Usage of Caprice: 1: A woman's caprice 2: He has to rule his will, his caprice 3: It means Who also has no other rule than the will, the caprice of a master 4: MODE particularly told the passenger that depends on use taste and caprice 5: Movement sudden impatience or caprice 6: sulking against her stomach, said of a child who, for caprice or mutiny will not eat 7: This is a childish caprice spoiled
Caprice ki paribhasha : hava ke jhonke se ek doosare ke pichhe ooanchi uthati hui jal ki raashi paani ki vah uchhaal jo hava lagane ke kaaran hoti hai koi kaam karane ki aisi dhun jisamen aaga pichha ya bhala bura na soojhe brahma ke chaar maanas putron men se ek

Usage of Caprice in sentences

The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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