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Care for meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Care for 
Usage of Care for: 1: I care for you a great deal, Walter . 2: Armenians began to demand better environmental care for their country 3: In the early stage, people with Alzheimer's can usually care for themselves. 4: In terms of medicine, he said, particularly Doctors who care for the sick, as opposed to those who are dedicated to the study of disease and laboratory research 5: It enjoys the present, without much care for the future 6: of Philosophy willingness to care for others, interest to them
Care for ki paribhasha : raassiyon ke sahaare tanga hua ek prakaar ka gahara khatola ya vistara jisapar bachchon ko sulaakar idhar se udhar jhulaate hain raksha karane ka bhaav

Care for synonyms
accommodate put up feed room harbor house bed canton lodge quarter let crash preserve treasure appreciate honor admire encourage entertain embrace adore cultivate safeguard worship revere enshrine shield hug coddle fondle pet comfort sustain nurse nourish shelter cosset reverence clasp prize venerate value idolize nurture dote on cling to hold dear apprize cleave to hold in high esteem feel analyze deem respect believe think view count remember reflect credit suppose sense judge estimate appraise bear in mind take into account hold an opinion keep in view look upon make allowance for reckon with set down take for think of contend secure uphold prevent fight resist maintain oppose retain withstand mine fortify battle conserve entrench war avert screen espouse hedge insure save bulwark cover garrison fend off stave off panoply fight for beat off guard against hold at bay keep safe look after provide sanctuary repel danger ward off watch over abet aid assist steady benefact help out lend a hand provide for crave desire sanction prefer favor endorse approve relish crazy about fall for wish for be attracted to be captivated by be enamored of be in love with dream of long for lust after mad for take a liking to take to wild for yearn for set one's heart on oblige bring up minister to take care of accept countenance approbate be fond of hold with control enjoy carry place have conduct store amass grip possess season deposit cache direct detain grasp pile stock heap accumulate stack withhold garner hold back deal in trade in run continue operate attend subsidize ordain administer command provision endure carry on victual exclaim savor dig delight in get a kick out of be gratified by be keen on be partial to be pleased by be sweet on care to derive pleasure from feast on find appealing hanker for indulge in luxuriate in rejoice in revel in stuck on take an interest in take delight in take satisfaction in choose glorify canonize deify exalt adulate be attached to be crazy about be enchanted by be fascinated with gone on have affection for have it bad hold high put on pedestal think the world of thrive with lose one's heart to regulate dominate oversee supervise handle govern guide concert influence disburse instruct captain manipulate engineer wield designate head superintend advocate counsel boss officiate pilot execute request rule preside steer take over call the shots call upon engage in hold down run the show take the helm notice perceive discipline regard mark note observe ensure baby-sit behold discern ride herd on be attentive give heed to have charge of keep an eye on listen up make certain mind the store insulate assure cushion champion stonewall chaperon shade go to bat for sentinel cover all bases cover up give refuge give sanctuary ride shotgun for stand guard take under wing breed educate propagate grow play distribute deliver hit present succor arrange attend to be of assistance be of use dish up set out work for finance strengthen set up fund sponsor underwrite angel stiffen stake stroke bankroll be a source of strength buoy up give a leg up make a living pay expenses of pay for pick up the check put up money for earn one's keep develop study tutor qualify equip teach work out improve coach shape mold enlighten hone accustom inure rehearse tame habituate sharpen ground exercise update brainwash prime school harden drill break in drum into dry run run through get a workout get in shape grow strong make ready show the ropes warm up whip into shape wise up prescribe dress heal medicament dose apply treatment portion patrol police look out be on alert be on the lookout be vigilant be wary be watchful keep eyes open keep eyes peeled keep watch over pick up on take heed fashion farm process knead labor till
Care for antonyms
disembark get off turn away leave turn out destroy dislike hate scorn disregard ignore disparage dishonor abhor condemn despise detest reject release deprive denounce forsake renounce hurt neglect disrespect let go starve abandon not care disbelieve discard dismiss forget desert surrender endanger harm injure aid assist squander uncover relinquish resign deny give up lose help support discourage make peace waste reveal attack quit create refuse bear disapprove oppose decrease hinder thwart drop stop yield lack need disperse scatter dispossess hand over want fail displace remove dissipate divide spend separate consume let happen not have cease discontinue halt mismanage castigate degrade humiliate abstain criticize debase lower mock obey bumble serve follow disobey overlook lay bare open fall refrain withhold keep take receive weaken dissuade let down contradict conclude finish depress mislead learn pass by laze idle relax rest 
Usage of Care for in sentences

The word is used as verb in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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