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Careful meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Careful 
Usage of Careful: 1: they were careful when crossing the busy street 2: Be careful while entering pit head of coal mine. 3: He called for a careful exploration of the consequences 4: Be careful they are mining for coal in this area. 5: Be careful while driving through the glen. 6: One must be careful while sitting on a seesaw. 7: Be careful while unbridling the horse! 8: Formative years of a child need careful supervision. 9: Jim was always careful about how he dressed . 10: For purposes of careful identification of any work by Mozart

Careful synonyms
precise accurate attentive choosy mindful wary scrupulous meticulous deliberate thorough judicious thoughtful discreet circumspect conscientious vigilant rigorous prudent leery concerned sober alert apprehensive assiduous chary conservative cool exacting fastidious finicky fussy guarded heedful observant particular prim protective provident punctilious regardful religious shy solicitous solid going to great lengths playing safe selfdisciplined
Careful antonyms
inaccurate inexact questionable negligent lax heedless inattentive inconsiderate foolish incautious indiscreet rash reckless unscrupulous idiotic irrational unwise uncaring unconcerned false careless loose thoughtless uncareful 
Usage of Careful in sentences

The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. 
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