Carry off meaning in hindi | Carry off ka matlab 

Carry off meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Carry off 
Carry off ki paribhasha : yuddh ya ladai men vipakshi ke viruddh saphalata praapt karana

Carry off synonyms
snatch grab sneeze dognap make off with put the snatch on spirit away pull off achieve bring to pass carry out discharge effect execute perform realize effectuate bring home the bacon end halt finalize conclude develop wrap up settle accomplish determine close perfect crown equip actualize elaborate cap terminate supplement consummate refine fulfill furnish make up round off ultimate wind up bring to fruition bring to maturity call it a day do thoroughly get through go the limit go through with go whole hog make good put to bed round out sew up overcome overpower vaporize annihilate exterminate liquidate ruin slay slaughter down worst dispatch destroy assassinate rout best bring down dispose of do in get rid of put away rub out take off put an end to take out avail come through make the cut prevail score be successful come out on top cut it cut the mustard deliver the goods get to the top hit the mark make a go of it make it make the grade pull it off capture hijack lure coax seduce decoy impress inveigh entice waylay pirate skyjack body snatch bundle off carry away lay hands on run away with expel erase ship extract transport pull out transfer abolish eliminate separate dismiss evacuate discard cut out raise oust withdraw delete efface junk relegate disturb eject expunge depose abstract unload displace doff purge dislodge skim shed amputate unseat uproot detach dethrone do away with strike out take down throw out wipe out clear away cart off dig out rip out tear out confiscate commandeer force arrest apprehend annex pick up occupy ambush catch overrun impound incorporate secure subdue overwhelm nail hook appropriate nab arrogate bust snag wrench pounce conquer gain usurp snare exact throttle clutch bag trap grasp claw take over take by storm take captive take possession of hold for ransom pilfer burglarize pinch heist swipe pillage embezzle loot defraud hold up rip off run off with stick up walk off with pickpocket poach keep plunder strip divert ransack cheat rifle thieve purloin cozen plagiarize blackmail despoil swindle misappropriate peculate housebreak prosper triumph benefit thrive flourish retrieve obtain surmount recover profit outwit acquire reap outdistance earn receive work arrive vanquish come off make out turn out do all right do the trick grow famous make a fortune reach accept collect have grip ensnare handle overtake attain entrap collar clasp pull in take in carve out gain possession gather up get hold of haul in lay hold of take hold of sequester salvage nip preempt pluck filch expropriate borrow liberate accroach
Carry off antonyms
release give give up let go fail lose create ignore commence unsettle ruin miss neglect bear abandon leave begin introduce start continue open stop forget not finish surrender construct store keep build give birth initiate maintain save liberate disgust dissuade free receive disenchant repulse turn off allow permit welcome insert remain ratify include hire combine unite sow add put in hold accept employ engage load retain fill put on fix place stay plant misunderstand forfeit loosen give in offer yield drop unfasten pass be immune protect hinder languish relinquish precede refuse reject avoid discontinue dodge abstain disallow misconceive spend throw away be honest weaken lower return 
Usage of Carry off in sentences

The word is used as verb in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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