Carry on meaning in hindi | Carry on ka matlab 

Carry on meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Carry on 
Usage of Carry on: 1: Expecting Hannibal to carry on advancing to Rome 2: The three remaining members decided that Burton would want them to carry on 3: Scott was responsible for two major trends that carry on to this day. 4: Motown decided to try and carry on with the Gaye/Terrell recordings 5: Learn, learn, have, carry on a trade 6: Piece of cloth that descends from the shoulders to the bottom, both par- front than behind, and carry on their religious dress of certain orders 7: Sort chair, bedding, that men carry on their shoulders and whose considerable people use in India and China, to be transported from place to place another 8: To deny a thing, do not carry on there not to go, resist 9: yellow ornamental Kind or amaranth that teachers carry on their shoulder dress in ceremonies 10: It was ordered that two advisers would carry on the premises

Carry on synonyms
achieve endure hang on last maintain perpetuate persevere persist proceed keep going administer conduct direct operate ordain run engage in act up blunder cut up misbehave rage raise cain be indecorous lose it make a fuss
Carry on antonyms
discontinue stop mismanage be calm 
Usage of Carry on in sentences

The word is used as verb in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. 
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