Cast out meaning in hindi | Cast out ka matlab 

Cast out meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Cast out 
Usage of Cast out: 1: de Theology Strive to cast out demons from a possessed body, using prayers and church ceremonies

Cast out synonyms
relegate get rid of isolate remove dispel exclude outlaw evict eradicate proscribe discard dislodge sequester discharge expatriate shake off shut out drive away rusticate expulse extradict confounded blessed accursed blasted execrable fey ill-fated infernal star-crossed unholy villainous blighted voodooed foredoomed bedeviled blankety-blank doggone hell fire snakebit unsanctified excoriate abuse slam blaspheme castigate anathematize penalize imprecate sentence attack convict jinx pan cuss punish objurgate censure revile execrate criticize swear flame darn complain of cry down denunciate drat fulminate against inveigle against object to thunder against extradite displace ship out decline disband release dissolve shed repudiate dispatch disperse chase divorce boot abolish bundle detach relinquish supersede clear chuck repel brush off cast off dispense with dispose of do without kick out send packing turn out let go drive out force out have done with let out lock out push aside push back send off show out slough off sweep away dump sack bump vomit bounce disgorge spew spout ejaculate rout extrude unloose dispossess debar ditch eruct do away with eighty-six disbar irrupt drive off give the boot heave out kiss goodbye show the gate to spit out squeeze out throw overboard wipe out knock out waive stamp out ignore erase defeat cancel disqualify phase out invalidate drop annihilate liquidate terminate slay disregard murder kill exterminate waste bump off count out cut out put out rub out rule out blot out leave out set aside shut the door on take out give off breathe expend spill vent emanate pour beam utter ooze belch transmit radiate exude secrete exhale pronounce pass expectorate speak jet perspire excrete squirt issue afford void evacuate expire reek shoot drip yield purge gush voice let off throw out disembogue give out give vent to send forth send out detonate blow up appear burst explode break out go off hurl extravasate spurt rupture boil throw off flare up pour forth touch off denounce unchurch purify exhaust exudate blow out suspend blackball bust drum out give the hook give walking papers show the door throw out on ear blacklist snub shun avoid boycott cold-shoulder leave in the cold topple depose lose unseat dethrone bereave disinherit rob deprive divest lay off pink slip boot out bundle off give the 1-2-3 pack off refuse spurn renounce veto scrap deny turn down rebuff repulse burn despise disbelieve second discredit scorn reprobate scoff jilt cashier disallow discount nix scout jettison disdain pass by put down throw away cast aside give thumbs down to not buy pass on pass up shoot down succeed usurp overthrow undermine crowd transfer ring substitute back up fill in front for outplace ring in sit in stand in swap places with take over take the place of
Cast out antonyms
welcome include incorporate permit hold keep take in accept fix plant admit allow kind great nice sweet compliment laud praise protect benefit reward exonerate cherish exalt defend approve bless commend elevate favor glorify promote stay legalize preserve hire retain maintain appoint employ engage secure save create aid choose ratify sanction add help establish build begin initiate start bear give birth hide conceal deny refuse veto refrain repress suppress withhold be quiet contain import absorb embrace place offer grant ok attract admire increase agree like love believe trust take on give in surrender remain disenchant repulse turn off 
Usage of Cast out in sentences

The word is used as adjective verb in english grammar. The word can be used as or noun in hindi 
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